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Optimis Adalah Suatu Kekuatan

Forum chairman Abang Aka Takengon (Fakat), which is a companion Firnanda Fahriel 5 Miss Coffee Gayo 2012 following the Grand Final of Miss Coffee in Aceh which will be held on Saturday (19/5) Night at the Museum Tsunami sure if all 5 participants from the region the center will be chosen as Miss Coffee 2012 represent Aceh at the national level.
Optimis - This belief, assessed Fahriel given during the briefing process in Banda Aceh since 16 - May 19, 2012 participants from more dominating than the central region of the 5 finalists from other regions.
"So far we seem more prominent participants in terms of knowledge about coffee, and balanced in terms of another. But somewhat below those of the height, "said Cross Fahriel the Gayo, Saturday (19/5) afternoon.
He added that before the main event, the 10 participants were given a number of materials. "Materials provided, Beauty Class with Wardah presenters cosmetic, Modelling Class with presenters Man Checks, Field Trip to Bergendaal Coffee, Press Conference and Brazing Materials with Mr. Coffee. Conrad and Nova from IOM, bright Fahriel.
As for the finalists of the Miss Coffee Aceh is Aida Fitri Isaq (22), Rainy Regina Prianto (18), Vivi Firlaini (19), Mutia Zahra (17), Fadia Intan Rahmania (17), Pudia Fahrina (20), Dewinta Heriza ( 17), Rizka Khairina Amran (20), Rita Amelia (22), and Rahmayani (22).
Got the XL Card, Let's Cheer for Those with SMS
In addition to the Miss Coffee by judgment jury later, the participants were also assessed to determine the champion favorite sms by sending a short message format MC (Space) sent to Participant Number 087 747 300 013 number. This is specifically for users of XL and polling cards into force on May 19, 2012 from 08:00 pm - 22:00 pm.
For from the central region, the number of participants is da name of 01, 02, 05, 08 and 09 with details, 01 on behalf of Mutia Zahra, 02 Rahmayani, Aida Fitri Isaq 05, 08 and 09 for Dewinta Heriza Firliani Vini.
"The participants Princess Gayo coffee from the region expect support through the sms poll. We are optimistic that one of them could qualify as Miss Aceh Coffee 2012. His favorite champion but also why we won, because let's support them, "asked Fahriel- See more at:

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